A Surprising Pro

Upon finding out that people have to have an ostomy the reaction is usually negative. Feelings of fear and embarrassment rush into the patient’s mind. Their lives truly will change when they have to deal with ostomy care. It can be a sad experience. But, on the contrary, it can be a very happy experience! Some people struggle so much that the thought of a solution like an ostomy is just so surreal for them.

Many times it removes pain, discomfort, and sickness from the patient’s life. There is also another surprising pro that most people overlook upon hearing they will have ostomy care to worry about…

Music festivals are a place Jane had always enjoyed. She loved the music, yes, but the vibe even more. People were just so happy, so positive, so supportive. It was unlike any other experience she could get anywhere else. Camping festivals were also among her favorite music festivals. Getting to spend multiple days with the beautiful people around her was her favorite part.

Getting to know people from all walks of life and from all over the world was amazing to her. Discovering new music through those new relationships was also so special. She would meet with people, discuss new music, and go watch their favorite band with them. Nothing was more amazing than watching someone enjoy their favorite act from the weekend. Pure bliss. She could not imagine missing a show or even having to step away for a few minutes.

Here is where the advantage of her stoma came in. She did not have to look for a bathroom. There was simply no reason for her to worry about leaving a show, scoping out a bathroom where the line was not 50 plus feet deep, and then trying to make her way back to her spot. Nope. She did not have to worry about things like that thanks to her ostomy.

At first she thought she would be embarrassed, just like many other people who find out they have to have an ostomy procedure. But at music festivals it is honestly a blessing in disguise. Actually, other people even say they are jealous she does not have to go into gross porta-potties! She could not agree more. Jane feels so happy to be pain free and with a happy colony because of her procedure. She feels even happier she never has to miss a set again.

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